Perhaps we were all a little alarmist…

Well, we’ve had a coalition government for almost a week, and so far there’s been no looting or pillaging. Ravens have not been seen flying backwards in sinister formation. We haven’t witnessed plagues of frogs or locusts or Battenburg cake. Ley lines are not glowing. Westminster has not been engulfed in a ring of sparking purple storm clouds. The Houses of Parliament haven’t tumbled into a fiery, sulphurous chasm, and the Thames is not running red with blood, lava or Tikka Masala. The Hellgate hasn’t opened, letting in a torrent of demons and chavs and asylum seekers. I haven’t even heard of any cows giving birth to two-headed calves. In fact, outside my window, everything looks pretty normal and not very apocalyptic at all.

Maybe we over-reacted a little. Maybe we were a little hasty with our prophecies of doom and disaster. Maybe these aren’t the End of Days after all.


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