Today, I am mostly hating…

… the Twilight book and movie franchise.

I know a kid who can’t get enough of this bullshit, and – you know what? – that’s okay.  Judgemental as I am, I can live with that, because she’s twelve years old and dyslexic.  But seeing adults lapping up this trashy teeny-goth wank-drivel just makes me feel nauseous, weary and depressed.  If you’re an adult reading the Twilight books, I hope you at least have the decency to feel really, really ashamed about the inane dross you’re inviting into your head.  Better still, read a good book (there are plenty out there), or just stop reading shit ones.  If you’re an adult watching the movies, then I hope you have a respectable excuse, like, I dunno, you just like hanging out in dark rooms with scores of easily-manipulated, heavy-breathing, pre-teen girls in black eye make-up.  That’s about the most honourable reason I can think of for you to be seeing this toss-whimsy.

If you insist on liking this Twilight crap, can you please, please, go and like it somewhere a very long way away from wherever I am.

Yes, I know I’m judgemental.  I already said that.


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