Angry Idealists: the Best of Us… Bill Hicks

Every couple of weeks or so, I’m going to be dedicating a quick blog to some other angry idealist.

Today, I’m going to be recognising the wit and wisdom of Mr. Bill Hicks.

From the official website:

Bill’s comedy (despite his own claims to the contrary) was not about hate or pessimism. Bill was an unabashed optimist. He believed that most people were good at heart but evil forces were deliberately distracting us all from creating a better world using television, lies, tobacco and alcohol as opiates. Bill felt a revolution of thought was coming and that it was his duty, as an emissary of the truth, to bring whatever light he could to anyone who would listen. This blunt, straightforward expression of these ideas could cause clashes with less enlightened, unsuspecting audiences. The result was sometimes dangerous; Bill had his ankle broken and a gun was pointed at him on stage. Despite these experiences, he refused to compromise his material and soldiered on.

Tragically, he died in 1994 of liver cancer, at the age of just 32.  An ugly disease took him from us before he got a chance to tell us what he thought about the second Bush administration, or the Gulf II, or about the Jonas Brothers or Paris Hilton, or anything else in that whole heap of ‘shitty stuff that’s happened since.’  It seems he tempted fate a little too much with his sentiment – frequently expressed – that this world of ours allows the good and just to die and the demons of bullshit and mediocrity to run amok.

If you haven’t seen or heard any of his material, please, go away and hunt some of it down now.  It’s important stuff, even 16 years after his death.

From his last words to the world:  “I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit.


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