Vegas or Valhalla: Part 1

You were concerned about the weight I’d lost.
You were worried by my pallor.
But I’m doing fine:
I’ve joined the line
for Vegas or Valhalla.

From start to end, from birth to death,
from Alphas to Omegas,
it’s set in stone;
our story’s known
from Valhalla to Vegas.

I’ve known you low in opulence,
and I’ve seen you high on squalor.
This losing streak
will reach its peak
in Vegas or Valhalla.

I’ve turned my back on faith and fear
and all those things that plague us.
I’m running late,
but I’ll meet my fate,
be it in Valhalla or in Vegas.

I’ve had my fill of cowardice,
and I’m tired out with valour.
My godless prayer:
I’ll see you there,
In Vegas or Valhalla.

For good or ill,
I’ll love you still,

In Vegas or Valhalla.


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